whats diff between corpus and net worth

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Seeing ppl are using these terms interchangeably

Can someone explain nitty gritty woth example
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corpus= ur mf+fd+stocks+everything else

net worth= everything above+goodwill of a person. like in case of ambani banks will close eyes and will issue a 100crore loan @ cheapest rate whereas for someone like me they will make me run pillar to pillar for documents and what not. some do not include goodwill here but it matters a lot

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Where my loans and liabilities will be counted??

In corpus or in NW?

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1) In corpus we wont think about liabilities it will include everything that has monetary value.

2) In networth we negate liabilities as we will consider assets after negating liabilities as networth

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@BAT_MAN  why don't you explain yet the difference between corpus and net worth? So people can easily understand.

So pls write in each and every comment even after 2 to 3 days or week so people get aware and get ideas regarding Financial Knowledge too because of you .

Thanks .

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