Whatsapp hacked not able to login

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My cousin whatsapp got hacked 3 days ago

He is not able to login as getting error of too Many otp attempts, whatsapp asking for call otp after 1 hour, when 1 hour time got crossed it asks again to wait for 1 hour. 

Raised support with whatsapp but they are not replying from last 2 days. 

Someone is using his Whatsapps as when we msg on his number a spam link automatic reply comes from that number. 

Please suggest what to do. 

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People used and supported WhatsApp for their so called Security!

Hike was much better ! Way ahead of Waapps.

But nobody supported so vanished.

Now, WhatsApp is getting Hacked 😀😀😀.


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Clone WhatsApp and Try again 

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Seems he is using WhatsApp business... If that is correct then tell him to try with normal whatsapp 

And if some mod app was used then can't say anything 

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2FA ?

Pin ?

Email address?

None of the above was setup?

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