When 2x cost Xiaomi has more bugs than 4 yr old phone

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January , I got my self Poco F5 , after having Honor 9x for 4 yrs . And , the Miui bugs are a traversity meanwhile Huawei was so smooth . 

The bugs I faced :

1. 'Instantly Call Ended' issue When making calls ,so often need to dial many times

2.Sometimes ,Miui forgets and displays the lockscreen as wallpaper ,  turn off screen , it goes to home wallpaper .

3. Can't set app icons( the long press one ) on homescreen

How can it be worser than Huawei even after 4 yrs  😢

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Why do you think so ? You are hallucinating.

Poco, Xiaomi & OnePlus are best brands [ acc. To Some ] 

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Huawei is trying to (and sort of succeeding) beat Apple Inc. on their home turf, in the top end segment.

All this, despite the de-facto sanctions and U.S. making it helluva difficult for them to re-enter U.S.

BKK Electronics, Nothing Technology Limited are satisfied getting their revenue boosts from markets like Southn Asia, South East Asia.

And in South Asia too, mainly in India, where even pig turds can be packaged and marketed as gold nuggets and blindfolded masses readily take them.

So why bother too much on finer details, when sales can be improved by marketing and undercutting of prices!
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How are Xiaomi and Huawei related besides being Chinese owned? They are completely different companies. While I am fan of neither I assume the Huawei probably has 2-3 generations older Android than the Xiaomi. Generally, older the Android version better is the stability as features are lesser and they are lighter on system resources. Security wise it is opposite.

We have been a Samsung household for nearly the last decade and I haven't come across any visible bugs. The only annoyance so far has been the sneaky installation of desi junk apps (Moj, DailyHunt etc) by Galaxy Apps if you aren't careful with the first launch.

P.S. - It is 'worse', not 'worser' which isn't even a word. Bad is the adjective.Worse is the comparative degree and worst is the superlative degree.

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