Where can I purchase a tv (used/new) for a good deal? Or is anyone looking to sell their TV?

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Or does anyone what to sell their used tv in Mumbai?

I need a tv for the room. Don’t want to get a pay more and new one. As I am sure, I want be using it that much. Most of the time we end up watching shows on laptops only. But when I am working, I need a secondary display where I can watch something in the background. Renting out in Mumbai is expensive and almost is equal to the cost of tv. So looking for used tv. Only an HDMI port is required. It is okay if tv/setup box socket is not working. Does anyone know where can I purchase an old tv for cheap? (Had a look at quikr/olx. People want to sell their CRT tv in this decade for the price of new led TVs rolleyes )

If anyone is looking to sell their tv or can guide me for a good deal either for a new one or old tv (at least, 24 inches – 32 inches. The more the merrier), I would be really grateful to you.

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Go for mi smart tv 32 inch… When on offers, it’s normally for 12000-12500….u get 10% off on cards… Plus take extended warranty for 3 years @ 800-900…. U will end up paying around 12000 for tv with 3 years warranty…. Best


So apparently size dose matter ah?
Anyway I had gifted vu32 inch TV for two people which I bought for 6300 during sale, inbuilt FM was also there


Talking about olx and likes, don’t go in quoted price, you can full hard bargain , just quote near or below 50 % and then see whether you can crack a conversation and get it done at reasonable price as per product for both .

By the way New one’s of normal lesser known brands starts 6000 +, can try that.


Didn’t mention whether your want an HD or FHD or HD Ready TV.
And also didn’t mention the price range you’re looking for.

thatgirlcoder89 wrote:

People want to sell their CRT tv in this decade for the price of new led TVs rolleyes

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Like harbour , western or town side..
Maybe areas near lohar chawl, flea market/chor bazaar.. would have that one scrap dealer who often getdd s some stuff from that one family who suddenly got a job in Bengaluru or Boston and sell things in distress.
Befriend the chowkidaars (not politicians.. i mean watchmen) and domestic helps or drivers in your area.. they are the baap of all NSA, CIA, R&AW, ISPR..they know every tidbit of who wants to buy whaf, sell what.
Somewhere near Kurla, Tilak Nagar.. is a big (ptobably biggest) electronics or computers graveyard.. scrap dealers i ever saw.. once in 2006 or so.. had some need to visit there.
Not promoting them.. but i had ultimately (35+ days R&D) found Rajguru / Laptech https://infoline.com/rajguru-computers-lamingt....
Who gave proper advice, guidance, best reliability to leth/carve a new broken hinge of the very old laptop.. but themselves said.. rather use it with external monitor.
Those guys get laptops and touch tablets ftom even Vapi/ Gujarat.
Might help in getting a run down laptop for the price of an old TV.. but 15.6 not 25-32 inch😛 or guide you to someone selling stuff.
Im not affiliated with or know any of the above.. besides it has been over a decade


New 32 inch HD ready TVs are available for as low as 6k during sale times. Get the one with best features according to your budget. At least you will get 1year warranty and no hidden fault that could be there in a 2nd hand TV.