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Which banks issue Credit Card card to card Easily?

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Which banks give easily credit card with card to card. NO income proof or address verification.

1. SBI
3. BOB
4. RBL


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Not sure about easiest but axis is the toughest to get a card based on card-to-card apply especially if one is not holding an axis bank acc for at least few months/year.

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If you are directly applying through respective banks portal then it is harder to get, no matter the bank. But if you apply through the agent chances of minimum documents and approval are high. I hold ICICI coral, APAY, SBI SC, YESB PROS+, HDFC MB. Only coral was pre-approved remaining all are C2C
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Ransome wrote:

IndusInd, YES, AU Small Finance, ICICI.

Not AU...

I applied for LIT credit card & they gave me 4.3Lacs limit instantly on the app but I got email & SMS that my application has been declined even though everything was successful other wise why would a bank give a credit limit to a customer if the card application gets declined...

Complained to AU team (top to bottom, from credit card customer care to PNO office) & none of them know what happened...

Complained to RBI 2 weeks back, with all the proofs that, after making a hard CIBIL inquiry, they gave me a credit limit of 4.3Lacs & now they are telling that the card application is declined...

Today RBI closed the case (in non-appealable category) in their favor with a generic reply of "card approval is subject to bank's policies"...Means they did not even bother to read my complaint properly & neither checked the attached screenshots...

Looks like many people are complaining  now on RBI (maybe with invalid proofs also) & so, RBI is closing the cases in favor of the banks without reading the complaints properly...

Earlier I complained against Yes Bank who had sent me a Pre-Approved offer Email & SMS & after applying, they said it was declined...In that case also RBI took their favor...

Yes Bank had also said to RBI that, I gave "Forged income documents" to apply for the card so my application was declined while it was a Pre-approved offer & naturally no income docs were taken from me.. I had only given the KYC documents...I mentioned all these to RBI but they still took their side...After this incident, I removed all my balance from Yes bank, blocked the debit card & uninstalled the app...I used to have 4L FD there still they stoop so low & told lies to RBI that I gave fake income docs...I have 13 credit cards & I never gave any income docs for any of my cards...

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Only IndusInd & SCB issue cards fast even if you don't have any existing relationship with them...If you have good relationship with a bank, any bank can give you card...

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