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Which ghee is good? cow or buffalo? and which brand?

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which ghee is good? cow or buffalo? and which brand?

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Buffalo ghee has good taste and also helps in gaining weight but it doesn’t have much of nutritional value compared to cow ghee. Cow ghee has lots of nutritional value and also helps to reduce weight. In a nutshell cow ghee is better than buffalo ghee in terms of health.

If you want to purchase cow ghee online within:
₹500 to ₹600 Gowardhan ghee (best in class)
₹450 to ₹500 amul ghee, mother dairy and Nestle
₹400 to ₹450 Ananda gopaljee ghee (best cheapest ghee)

These are personally verified. If you want buffalo ghee. Vedaka buffalo ghee is also available in Amazon

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Nandini cow ghee is only available in Karnataka but its really good. Nearly indistinguishable from home-made ghee( prepared from Nandini milk itself). Priced at Rs 470/L.

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I would recommend go with desi cow ghee. Better if you get it from local farmers or local dairy so that it must be more authentic compare to buying ghee pockets from shops.

If you wont get it from local farmers then Buy it from below link. Personally I used it and recommending. I cost is comparatively high due authentic one.

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Shree Radhey Dairy, have been consuming since over two years. Very good quality!!

Far superior than Amul, ITC, and some others that I tried.

Contact them directly, will be way cheaper than buying from Amazon.

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Gowardhan Ghee always.

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