Which is the Best 2FA? (2 Factor Authenticator)

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Hi, Which is the best 2FA in Mobile App?

I received a hack even after creating a strong, seventeen-character password with Last Pass and securing the account with 2FA-Google Authenticator; additionally, I used Brave Browser; however, in the eve of Diwali, my account was compromised by some shady crypto-person who changed my name to ELON MOSC! It seems Twitter Security is bad (even PM Account was hacked last week, Elon Musk and many other stars had their accounts hacked)

I have now changed my mind and wanted 2FA to provide more security! Please help me test out New 2FA!

Please Suggest MICROSOFT 2FA. Authy,2FAS?

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Bitwarden Password Manager. It can also save your TOTPs. Try Aegis if you’re looking for offline 2FA app.

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