Which is the best feature phone with all these features currently selling in the market?


My father can use a smartphone, but prefers to carry only a keypad mobile when going out.

He is using Nokia 215 model since 2015. It has 2G GPRS/EDGE internet connectivity and opera mini browser. He reads news every day by browsing news websites through Operamini browser.

He recently expressed interest in switching to another basic mobile with automatic call recording facility.

The Nokia 215 model can record voice calls but does not have automatic recording facility. every time we have to manually select the recording option in the menu to turn on the recording.

I looked at a few mobile models online. Jio Keypad Phone [F320B] has auto call recording feature but lacks Opera Mini browser. Nokia 105 plus feature phone has autocall recording feature but lacks internet connectivity.

I heard some Itel, micromax, lava, karbonn feature phones have all the features like internet connectivity, opera mini browser, autocall recording features etc. But the question is which is the latest model currently selling in the online/offline market?

do any of you run a mobile shop that sells feature phones? Or someone you know runs a mobile shop?

If yes,

Which is the best and latest feature phone with all these features currently selling in the market? can you please gather the information for me.

Features we need:

1) 2.4 inch or above screen

2) 1000mah or above battery

3) auto call recoder

4) telugu language support

5) internet connectivity

6) in-built opera mini browser

(Itel magic 2 4G has all these features but currently it is selling at inflated price (Rs.2899) online. have no idea about offline price. Also I think it's not worth spending more than 2.5k for a feature phone these days. So looking for other models)

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Feature Phones  Starting Rs 799

Please Visit


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Buy him a good smartphone of 10-15k. He will appreciate it.

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I bought a moto a50 renewed(seal packed) at 1200.

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Go to a Offline Market Store and Buy from there , they will have many options in KeyPad Segment as what you need!

Online Marketplace has limited options even reviews are less , see i myself like the keypad phones but sometimes only 3-5 reviews of phones are available on flipkart and amazon like platform also the brands are not official seller so,dont buy keypad phones online!

Update me here once you buy your phone! @ssganesh

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