which Mobile is best

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Which mobile is best in range Rs15000 to 24000rs

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M51 us in sale at 18.7k

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They say to buy samsung because it is not chinese, have like 5 different tabs of all sizes since they are rugged which means a lot of travel and such so is necessary, but all have some bugs.. But I have found that they also have bugs.. Like I have a tab where it acts weird if I move the app to sdcard.. Was working but after update it dont and they never fixed it. Another tab the battery swelled up even though it was not abused.. They are also slower than the chinese varients and have less features.. But they are better in a solid kind of way as they are more rugged. But I got a panasonic high end model and the battery in that also swelled and they use aluminium as the unibody so its heavy.. So if the battery blows up the screen would be safe. It looks like one of those apple phones but also weighs more than anything else.. had to install abunch of apps to get functionality since the built in ones were really lame.. nice hardware but software sucked..

We have been using 2 sony phones for almost a decade now.. They work fine but are very slow.. For basic things they are okay.. But if you want flash and functionality and only use for a couple of years the chinese ones are the ones to go for.. I got a nexus as well which work fine but is pretty bare bones and slow and cost an arm and a leg.. But very small and light.. Its a tough choice.. on how you want to use it and for how long.. and how much you want to spend..

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There is no single best to choose in electronic products. Rule out options based on your needs, usage patterns, affordability, but never based on sentiments.