Which one should a salaried employ opt for ? New or Old tax regime

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New or Old tax regime : Which one should a salaried employ opt for ?

Please finance experts elaborate the thing if possible.thanks 

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Old Tax if if you have deductuctions amount of 3.75L otherwise new tax regime.

New Tax regime for annual salary of 7.5L and below.

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If you have home loan and similar exemption then old tax regime is good

Compare both and check

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It's not a straightforward answer.

It depends on how much you earn, what exceptions are you eligible for.

In a broader term if you make 10L/annum and you can do exceptions of over 3L then old is better.

Benevolent Benevolent
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old only if you have a home loan or intend to take a home loan within next 2 years.

new in all other cases

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