Which phone to buy?1. Iphone Xr(45k)2. Iphone 11(60k)3. Oneplus 7t pro(40k)4. One plus 8 pro (50k)

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Hey guys,
I want to buy a phone. Please suggest me according to the value for money. I know there’s a price difference between them but still being a android user for life time I want to switch to ios… I thought to spend a little more but if OP or someother are there for better price I might change my opinion..

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Wait for a month and buy iphone 12


But it will be costly. Also then the sales like BBD will be over.


Being someone who keeps switching between Android and iOS quite often here is my opinion

iPhone Xr and iPhone 11:
You will miss a good screen badly! There is no sugar coating the issue, the LCD on iPhone Xr and 11 are plain terrible compared to the amoled screens on OnePlus series.
If you can get past the screen then these are terrific devices.

In general what I feel is that iOS is lot more stable and smooth to use on a long term, has longer duration of updates, app quality and choices are way better than what we get on Android and similar apps run much better on iPhones.

If camera is a priority then you get the best and complete experience on iPhone 11 compared to OP 8 series too. Do not go by dxomark numbers, as a general user who just takes his/her phone out and starts using it for pics/videos iPhone has been much better for me till date.

On the flip side, iOS is tad bit boring and isn’t as exciting as Andoird. The way you can eventually customise android devices do help to a certain extent. For me, iPhones have been something I just get them and start using them without worrying a bit about anything as they just work as it is whereas Android needs a bit of customisation to be seamless, which in few ways is good too.

OnePlus 7T Pro and 8 Pro
Haven’t used either of them but have a 7T now (switched from iPhone 11). The device has been good but usability in general isn’t as good as iPhone 11 was. The gesture navigation is hilarious compared to what iOS offers and navigating your phone being the most elementary task that’s performed all day I think Android really needs to perfect this more.

Camera is a hit or miss and frankly just meh compared to iPhone 11.

Screen is just gorgeous. Thanks to covid19 effects I haven’t been going around out lately as no client is accepting in person meetings so have been at home all day and have had ample time in hand so I have been binge watching lot on online shows lately over phone and this screen is a life saver!

Battery life on 7T is terrible but the super fast charging compared to iPhones is a boon.

Right now, I am eyeing 11 Pro once 12 series is launched as 11 Pro would get a decent price cut in local market. Having got used to good amoled screen for past few months I don’t want to get back to iPhone 11. Rumours say even iPhone 12 might sport an amoled instead of LCD so I will be on a look out for that as well.