why big businessman or rich person open trust

If you see this pattern why a rich person becomes trustee of a trust ...
What are the benefits in tax , shares and other monetary benefits


All these are big names...
I just want to know , nothing against any institution...
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Blaze Blaze
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To help needy thru their Trust.

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Tthat is a one side of the coin

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Pro Community Angel Pro Community Angel
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Regarding the link shared, how are these people "big" ?

I didnt even know them and so does google. 

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CFO  Md.  hai

Listed companies ke

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Turn black money to white money 💰 🤑

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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Not sure how many people really end up helping the needy with their trusts. A lot of these rich guys are narcissists and want to be portrayed as some kind of philanthropic person - just look at the wikipedia entry of every rich person and you'll see they have been edited to describe themselves as philanthropist. It ultimately helps them with tax exemptions and to pass on their money to the next generation.

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These are general benefits , this is just tip of the iceberg

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