why cold taste diff in glass bottle , plastic , can?


is it me or all that the same pepsi cold drink get diff in glass bottle (still in some shop),  plastic bottle and can, someone also told that its coz the plastic react with pepsi over time and in CAN the internal lining is made of up harmful BPA , while the best is old fashioned glass bottle but they are in few shops now 

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temperature, if it's too cold you will feel less sweet. if it's not cold enough you will feel it sweeter. 

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all them r kept in fridge , mostly at some temp 
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kya baat hai😃
☣️carbonated drinks with refined sugar☠️ peeney waale bhi 'harmful' and non harmful ki soch rahe hein.
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choose your poison😃
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😀जैसे refined sugar से भरी cold drink का कोई हेल्दी वर्ज़न भी होता है!

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i also felt this before but its mostly because of combination of ingredeints and sugar , check the content of sugar and added contents in bottle label and can over the print, it wont be available in glass one i think, then you will know there might be slight difference in ingredients

 mainly might be sugar difference i think 

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