Why you shouldn't opt annual packages for technology.

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This is an experience I wanted to share here.

Few months back I had taken a new fiber broadband connection, their annual package offer was, you pay upfront for 1 year and you get an additional month free. This offer was good considering the fair market rates at that time, but decided to hold back because of a similar experience I had last year. Now this decision to not pay upfront for an annual package had turned out to be a good decision. Last month the service provider had revised their data packages, now I can get 20% more bandwidth for 30% less cost. If I decided to opt for the annual package I would have lost out heavily.

About that last years experience mentioned above, remember when last year the mobile networks announced they are increasing the rates of data packages, I rushed to pay and queue 4 topups for JIO network data packages for my mobile broadband device, that would last me for a year. But not realizing I won’t need this mobile broadband 6 months later.

I think in an ever-changing world of new technology getting introduced every few months and with the benefits of competitive pricing, sometimes not going for annual packages will save more.

Have you had any similar experience?

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At the time of jio recharges, if u would have bought vouchers of packs instead of recharges, u could have saved them and used later as pack vouchers dont have expiry

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well said @Tjs

@teriab33 bro, like life there is no one show size fits all strategy.

one more thread in DD right now ppl are arguing boxing 🥊 each other about online is better or offline. Aisa thodi na hota hai. Do what you feel is right in the circumstance. It may eventually even pan out wrong but hey thats ok

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The basic concept of Hedging is, peace of mind. Never go back and compare what you gained or lost.

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Yep absolutely. Very practical and relevant topic, especially in this age. The way I see it for Indian telecommunication sector is that it’s divided into two eras, pre-Jio (before 2016) and post-Jio. Before Jio, everything was going at snail pace, albeit it was stable. Yes, we paid an enormous amount of 250 rupees PM to get just 1 GB data. Yes, we paid nearly 1000 rs. PM for a mere 2 mbps broadband. But at the same time, one month meant 30 days, not like 24 or 28 days. I still chuckle every now and then how Jio redefined a month.

In this age, it’s out of question to commit to a long-term service from any provider, especially in telecommunication sector. From 2007-08 till 2016 I was always on BSNL’s annual plan because there was a discount of 10% compared to monthly plans. It was great. I mean as great as 2 mbps can go anyway. But there was like 3-4 downtimes during that whole period of 10 years or so. Mobile networks also, I don’t recall ever redialling anyone because the call was not established for this or that stupid reason. Maybe the userbase has significantly increased post Jio, thus the congestion, who cares.

I am now on 3-month plan of my ISP and despite their exciting offers of 4 months free for one year recharge and 2 months free for six months I have no interest to opt for those as nobody can guess the future, even the very short one. Another thing is, the moment a company traps you in long-term plans, their service quality degrades and they don’t care even if you complain and there’s no way of a refund. I am not saying this is applicable to all companies, airtel and ACT still provide excellent service in their respective areas and so does Tata Sky in DTH but the small companies especially do this terrible practice. Thing is, before Jio, Quality of Service was a thing, now it’s the Quantity of Service I suppose? Should sync well with Indian mindset who mostly use chinese phones on the basis of specs.

PS: Hmm apparently when you are drunk you don’t realise how big your comment is! Damn!