Win 10 Bootable USB making Guide


By Microsoft Media Creation Tool(Noob Method)
Goto via a windows installed pc.
Download the tool. Insert the Pendrive (8GB ) run the creation tool. Follow onscreen instructions. It ll take couple of minutes to hours depending upon the speed of your internet. And your pendrive will be erased, keep it in your mind.

By Rufus/ Etcher Method(Lazy Method)
1. Goto this link by your phone browser
In pc it ll prompt you to use media creation tool. Select the windows version you want, there is only one though smile. Select the language. Follow instructions n download the iso file. Transfer it to pc. Or copy the download link of the file n send it pc via Google keep. I use keep. You can use anything.
2. Download Rufus/Etcher
Rufus https://ruf...e/
I don’t have Etcher. So we ll use Rufus. And btw Rufus is a very small file to download. Install em. Insert your desires 8GB PD.
3. Fire up command prompt in admin mode, right click admin mode
4. Type “diskpart” and enter
Type “list disk” and enter without quotes guys
In my computer I see things like this.
Let’s examine the first row of the returned result. See the extreme right and Extreme left. My hard disks  are listed as disk 0 n disk 1 etc. On extreme right under gpt there are asterisks. That means I have GPT partition scheme. In case you have MBR scheme, it will show you.

For GPT scheme
Select the iso file.
Under partition scheme select GPT
Keep the rest as they are. Hit start

Just select MBR. That’s it

Warning. You can not format a GPT drive by an MBR boot drive.
Pro tip: Say you have an MBR scheme n you have a gpt boot drive. Boot from the gpt boot drive. Repair. Open command prompt. Enter Diskpart. Then enter List disk. It ll come like disk 0, disk 1. I assume disk 0 is the hdd where you wanna install. Select disk 0. Clean enter. Convert gpt. That’s it. But it ll cost you your data.

Old School Method(Expert Mode)

Follow the on-screen instruction in the screenshots.
Connect usb pendrive
Open Cmd in admin
Type Diskpart n enter
Type list disk n enterMy pendrive is disk 2. I see under size 14 gb is written with respect to disk 2.
Type select disk 2 n enterType clean n enter
Type create partition primary enter
Type select partition 1 enter

Type active n enter
If you want a gpt drive then
Type format fs=fat32 quick
Type assign
If you want an MBR drive then
Type format fs=NTFS quick
Type assign.

Type exit
Mount the iso file. In my pc, it got drive letter F: if you get G:, make use of it.
In my case F: is iso mounted drive name, G: is my pendrive’s drive name assigned by my pc
So I type in command prompt
Type cd boot
Type bootsect /NT60 G:
We have successfully made our USB bootable

Now just copy files from the iso file to your pendrive. 🙂 Windows installation media is ready