wonderful & simple trick to copy other's playlist to your youtube channel

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wonderful & simple trick to copy other's playlist to your youtube channel
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hi guys, youtube has become a part of life these days. we can gain a lot of knowledge and skills by watching many educational videos on youtube. in other way, we can enjoy lot of songs, movies, tv shows, etc. usually we make a playlist of the videos we want. a short description for those who don’t know what a playlist is. If we make a list of all the videos we want and give it a name, it is called a “playlist”. the playlist is convenient for us to play all the videos in the particular order. and, those all videos can be played automatically by clicking on “play all” option. so, creating playlist will save our time.

people are creating playlists regularly. when we search on youtube, many times we will see playlists on the search results. if we found a great playlist that contains lot of videos, how to copy the playlist to our youtube channel?
before explaining the trick, i would like to show an example:-

eg. i want videos songs so i searched on youtube. i found a amazing playlist that contains most popular video songs. i want to copy the playlist to my youtube channel. there is a option called “save playlist” but, saving the playlist doesn’t help me. because if the playlist owner deletes the playlist, the playlist saved on my youtube channel is also deleted! so, not going to “save” i want to “copy” but there was no option to copy the playlist. how can i do that?

we have to copy the playlist ID. go to the playlist page and copy the playlist ID in the URL address.

look at this URL address:- www,youtube,com/playlist?list=XXXX&advanced_settings=1&disable_polymer=1
replace XXXX with the playlist ID that we previously copied. (see the image below for easy understanding) hit enter to open the page.

click on the 3 vertical dots. now click on “add all to…” now click on “create new playlist” and write the name (you can write any name. that is your choice.) in my case, i wrote “video songs” and clicked on “create” button.

NOTE:- after clicking “create” button, if it show error like “this functionality is not available right now. please try again later” then don’t worry. actually this is not a result of the trick. the copying process of the playlist is started, but the process is little slow due to hundreds of videos. after sometime check your playlist page! Voila! playlist successfully copied!

DONE! the playlist was successfully copied to your youtube channel…! now you can add/remove videos in the playlist and you can change the name of the playlist anytime!

did you noticed this thing? we had completed the trick without using any third-party website, browser add-on or software/app!
we didn’t even use the collaborate feature!

after reading all this article, you may have doubts. so, read the FAQ below to clear your doubts.

Q: Is it legal to copy someone else’s playlist to my youtube channel? does this bring any problems to my youtube channel?
ans: it is legal. there is no problem to copy.

Q: can i made copied playlist invisible on my youtube channel?
Ans:- yes. you can do that by updating the setting of the playlist “public” to “private”

Q: is there any video count limit to copy the playlist?
Ans:- no limit. you can copy any playlist that have large amount of videos. but, it will take little more time to copy.

Q:- does copying a playlist and giving it a unique name/description help me get more subscribers?
ans: yes! I have already mentioned that when we search on youtube, we see playlists many times in the results. If searched users love your playlist, they may subscribe to your youtube channel. that way you get more subscribers.

thats it guys… many tricks are available on the internet to copying playlists. but, I am sure you will never get an easier trick than this trick..! i hope this trick is useful to all people who use youtube. share this article to your friends & family!

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