Worst delivery services by Amazon.in

Deal Newbie

I ordered earphones on Amazon.in on 3rd Oct 2019, but on the date of delivery, the delivery person was rude to me on phone and said that “You can do whatever you feel like and I wont attempt the delivery” and so he summarily refused the delivery to me. When I contacted the customer service for help, they said that they are not allowed to make direct contact with the delivery person. The Amazon.in customer service executives said that they will escalate the matter to higher authorities and assured the delivery in next 24 to 48 hrs (why would I wait for a day or more for a delivery which already took 5 days to reach New Delhi, for a prime member of Amazon.in), despite me telling them the seriousness of the matter. I wasted almost 2 to 3 hours of my time that day trying to make the Amazon.in customer services understand the situation, but what I got in return was only a cold response from them. However, later they made me speak to one of their seniors, who assured me that strict action shall be taken and that this wont repeat again. The order was cancelled. I again placed the same order (same earphones, thinking this time it wont repeat as promised by the senior customer executive of Amazon.in). But to my dismay, the same thing repeated again.
Today morning, I got a call from the delivery boy at 0715 hrs, telling me that the item (same item which was ordered previously but never got delivered to me, order ID : 406-0703258-6126725) is out for delivery and he is at my address and delivery shall be attempted soon. I rushed to my workplace thinking that maybe, the delivery guy might be waiting for me( I had that much of a courtesy as opposed to the guy. Read more to know how this guy replied to my courteous gesture), but there was no one. Later, at around 0930 hrs he called me up again asking me where he can meet me. I gave him the exact location and he agreed on delivering in a few minutes but to my surprise when I checked Amazon.in order status for the item at around 12 afternoon, it showed that a delivery was attempted and it has been withheld as I was unable to pay the money for the item. How big a liar can someone be. I have completely lost my trust in Amazon.in delivery services and would advise others also to beware of the poor delivery services that Amazon.in is offering lately. I complained about this issue to customer executive who asked delivery Station to call me. The person from delivery station assured me a delivery by 1405 hrs but nobody showed up. I kept waiting for till 1630 hrs but still no signs of delivery. So I left for home. I got a call from the delivery guy at around 1700 hrs that now I have reached the address and ready to deliver the item. How annoying can it be? If you are ordering something through online payment and on the day of delivery if you check the status of your order and find that it has already been delivered despite the fact that you haven’t recieved even a call by the delivery guy, leave alone the product, then dont get amazed/shocked. This has been happening on a regular basis by Amazon.in delivery services. I only place cash/pay on delivery orders on Amazon.in because of the uncertainties created by Amazon India in past few weeks regarding delivery of items. It’s my hard earned money and time which has been wasted on Amazon.in. Please avoid ordering from Amazon.in as you will always feel that sense of insecurity and uncertainty after placing the order, that whether my product will ever get delivered to me on time or where my product would be?
Even today I am struggling to get the product delivered to me.
Update: Finally the product got delivered to me late night at 2230 hours on 17 Oct 2019( i.e. exactly 3 days after the product has already reached its destination hub/New Delhi or out for delivery) after myself constantly calling the delivery guy for a million times.