Worst Ever I have seen.

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I’m a good customer in swiggy. Have ordered for food and was debited the amount twice. When i was enquiring about the money to refund, those customer helping services was worst ever i have seen and not given the proper answer for the Question. They were saying it will take 4-7 working days to refund the amount. I asked them a question saying, How come it was not credited even after 10 working days?! The customer service people left the chat suddenly.
There is no way to contact them! There is no one to question them. If they want to cheat people they have to do smuggling and all not a food service system.. This is the worst ever service i have ever seen.. They are Money eaters, Avoid them as much you can. Don’t let these type of f**king cheaters to take all your money.

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Looks like u r unaware of these things.
Happens with me most of the times. They disconnect the chat without my permission. their most of the replies are system generated. It feels like i am talking to robot.🤖 😆 That’s why now I prefer customer call service instead of shitty chat service.