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I have traveled from Bangalore to Visakhapatnam. Abhi bus I made a booking there I choose shiv sai travels. 
1. On boarding time is 2.30 but I have taken the bus at 4.30. 

The original timings when I booked the ticket 2.30 to 9.30. Now the time is 2.13 still I am traveling.

2. Halts for dinner and break fast and washrooms. I can see lot of restaurants with clean washrooms but specific worst place they have taken not even washrooms are not there for ladies. I don’t what is the reason behind stopping that particular places may be some commission related. But here I am not satisfied.

3. Stopping like a share auto for non booking people I understand if specific locations they stops that’s fine but stopped in all the places maximum it almost 5 hours extra to travel. I suggest do not choose this travels. Entire bus smells like a sweating. Not even changing the curtains 


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prasadch987748 wrote:
I have traveled from Bangalore to Visakhapatnam. I choose Shiv Sai travels.

Very bad experience.

Thank you for the heads up and review.

It may help others make more informed decisions.

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I am a frequent traveler in this route.. Shiva sai is a 3rd class operator, for that matter don't take risk with any new operator in this route.. although others charge premium, they are worth especially when you are travelling with ladies..

Go for Sri Krishna / Rajesh / Sree one only. Rest all crap!

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Not sure if they're new to abhibus or the ticketing partner intentionally blocked the ratings but if its available for you, rate them 0/1 star (Same service got 2.7/5 rating on redbus)


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