Worst experience ever !!!

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Myself and 2 of my friends booked a ticket from Chennai to Coimbatore with A1 Arthi Transports with vehicle number: " PY05-A0285"
Driver number: +918489934804

We were asked to wait @ opposite to GRT jewelry Tambaram and we were standing there at least 30 mins before bus arrival time.

We even contacted the driver 4 times conveying this information and he confirmed bus in en route and he will call once they reach us.

However, the call came after he crossed us and went almost 3 km’s front and he said he will leave us if we don’t come right then and now. We had to take an auto to reach the place driver said he was, however he left us without calling. Fortunately, the auto driver caught up with the bus and when we boarded the bus driver behaved with utmost rude manner.

When we asked why he didn’t call us and left without us, he stated abusing us, called derogatory terms and even threatened to beat us up.

He asked us not to board the bus and tried to throw us out of the bus saying it is his bus and we should shut up and obey what he says.

After almost 30 mins of debate and heated arguments, we finally boarded.

Is this what hospitality is? Should this how a service minded sector should work?

I’m posting this review here since there wasn’t any provision to post a review in RED-BUS and when all these details where conveyed to RED-BUS customer service, no response was there from their end too.

I have traveled a lot to all sorts of places in different transport modes, but this is the worst experience in my life because it traumatized me mentally and me and my friends where at the verge of being physically assaulted.

P.S: For people who would are still panning to book this bus, please keep a good auto driver ready, if not you will never board this bus!

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