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Ive had the worst experience of online shopping so far with shoppers stop. I asked for a ‘two fold grater’ n was sent a ‘good grip grater’ instead. The one they sent was not just wrong but the condition of the product looked like it was kept in some long lost dirty corner n finally saw the light of day. I have asked for a return but no news till now…. it is an ongoing process… I also asked for a cream which i paid extra for…. i asked for a compensation or refund of the extra amount i had to pay…. everyday customer care is trying to confuse me n saying that they have addressed the complaint. Finally they say that d extra amount i paid for has been credited to my ss wallet which i never asked for in d first place. When i ask them to refund through the original payment method… teyre trying to confuse me by saying it has been credited to my ss wallet n that they cannot refund more than once. Firstly i never askd them to put credit in d ss wallet nor did i ask them to refund twice. Theyre actin as if the extra money i paid for belongs to them. When i ordered things from their store, i never thought that this was goin to happen to me in my first shopping experience with them.

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