Worst Service

Worst Service

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Rather than explaining in detail, just these Email Conversations will give an idea about the Service I had with the Abhibus Team.

On July13th
I have booked a ticket from Bangalore to Kannur on 13th July 2019. I have given my pick-up point as Raja Rajeshwari MC college, as it was shown as 2.9 km from my location(Koramangala) when I searched in Google Map. Today, as I have not received any update message or contact numbers from Abhibus team or Bus operators, I took a Cab and followed the Google Map. Still, I have contacted Abhibus customer team and requested for exact location or a nearby landmark. They have given me bus operators contact number instead. But, they also told me the same. “There is no landmark, you can ask someone and come to place on time”. This was the reply I reverted. After following the google map, I ended up reaching a street, where the road was ended. Again I asked someone and searched google, I could see that the exact location is 22 KM away. I took the same cab to the boarding location by spending 700 Rs and my time. But, even though I explained and requested to the Bus conductor to wait for 10 minutes, or at least update when the bus leaves, he just cut my call. So, I kept on going to catch the bus from Koramangala to Mysore Road. Finally, I fed up calling the bus conductor and came back to the Satellite bus stand to take a normal bus to Kannur via Mysore. I had to spend 700 + another 370 Rs for my journey. So, either you give me a solution or refund my money.
Expecting a positive reply.

July 18th
Thanking you that at least someone called me to say that No Refund is possible and it was not your fault.
I didn’t know that I was requesting for a Call back “just to experience a Rude Behavior” from a Customer care executive.

The reason behind why not preferring Abhibus over the red bus and Why Redbus is so successful is the Executives and the Policies you have.
A customer of you has experienced the worst day and spent a lot of money due to the difficulties he has on finding exact boarding location.
If someone has booked a ticket to somewhere, whose responsibility is to direct him to the exact location?
If you could give any landmark or location direction as Redbus gives, this would never happen. But, rather fixing such an issue, you were arguing with me not to give my Refund (Around 400 INR). Such executives and policies will never get you success. For that, you guys first need to understand customers and their needs.
Money minded people will never see Satisfied Customers.

Anyways, thank you so much for the Worst Experience I had. The Bus Conductor was far better than the Customer care executive I talked just now.

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