Worst Shopping Experience Ever..

Deal Newbie

I had ordered a ‘self defense stun gun cum flash light’ from this site. But on arrival, only the flash light was working. The stun gun (which was the main purpose of buying it!) wasn’t working. I e-mailed their customer care immediately regarding the same and called them up later. The reply I got from them was both amusing and annoying. They offered me a partial refund of Rs. 200/- for a product worth Rs. 647/-. Their justification was that that ‘atleast the flashlight was working’ so they were offering me a partial refund!! This, after it was found “defective” on arrival!
I called them up and asked them to take it back and give me a full refund and they agreed to it after a lot of argument and screaming from my end. But later I realised that they had just fooled me since they never asked me for my bank account details to initiate the refund since the order was a cash in delivery. I even emailed them about the same but got no response from them. Now I realise its a total scam site. Steer clear off these people!
If only I had read all these reviews earlier..

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