Wrong type of property report of SubRegistrar office to Income tax - Tricky situation

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As the life goes on the the screwup of information came as surprise to me.

I have sold a residential property and the sub registrar office reports this to income tax department as sale of agricultural land when i checked on AIS SFT tab. I promptly reported this on 25thJun2024 via feed back mechanism. Nothing changed

Similarly i have purcharsed a property and it is reported as sale by me by the sub registrar office as shown in the SFT tab of AIS again. I marked it as "Denied".

Now my query:

who has to and how can one rectify this information reported by sub Registrar office? Is the Feedback mechanism and acknowledgement i received from Income Tax is enough to file my returns? 

I cannot file my ITR2 unless this is rectified as it will not match and will always show that i have to pay CG tax

Any direction in this is highly appreciated

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Why ofcourse you can file ITR2 with the correct details. You should already have proof (ie. registered sale/purchase agreement) in case Income Tax Dept queries regarding this. I dont see the need to try and get rectification done in AIS.

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Getting SFT corrected will not happen, just file your correct returns, if a notice, demand or enquiry comes up, respond with relevant documents citing wrong entries in SFT by SubRegistrar, case will get resolved

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the registrar office does this intenionally everywhere so that u go to them again and give them chai paani.

do what @igen @karanoshan has mentioned, just keep your documents intact

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don't worry about AIS, what you declare in your IT form and what you can prove in case of enquiry from them is the only two things matters at all.

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