Zomato Scam - Public Service Announcement - Be Careful

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Please note now reaching a CHAT AGENT on app is almost impossible unlike past: 

Now AI assistant screens all communications by which u get generic answers & irrelevant options.

Secondly evidence submitted for dispute resolution like video, pictures are also screened by AI Assistant so u may not get past that to communicate with a real person.

Lastly the nail on the coffin is Zomato claims to be intermediary platform and disowns all Liability and asks customers to contact or resolve with seller/hotel.

So getting refunds for spillage/ damaged/ defective foods = NADA 

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Yes, had a very long fight with them lately.

It was a very bad experience. I ordered Veg Momos and they delivered Paneer Momos, the guy on Chat was trying to convince me that both are the same 😅 Like I was ordering it for the 1st time in my whole life. Had to take it to their supervisor.

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i think zomato was on jio free data mode whereby they were trying to capture market & that was ended now that people are dependent on zomato. 

Now they just dont care & I have decided to boycott them.
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yes, zomato has gone to dogs now. Have uninstalled it.

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