Could you not have selective ad-blocking via the backend?

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You seem to be using the Adsense or other service from the advertising network/business of Alphabet Inc.

It often shows contextual advertisements on many pages.

DesiDime forums often have discussions on topics related to gift cards, gift vouchers and allied things.

On many such places, on DesiDime properties.. your selected advertising partners show the adverts of Coupon Dunia.

Aren't they a direct competitor to one/many of the lines of businesses which U74120MH2015PTC270034, U74120MH2011PTC221147, U74120MH2015PTC270221 etcetera are engaged in?

@admin, @anthrax.ut, @bumblefoot, @MJ911 @ tech_team Could there be some intrinsic solution to somehow identify such adverts and have them barred or blocked from being displayed on DesiDime properties?

Or the complete control of those subsets on a site.. rests with the advertising syndicate.. with whom the contract is?

Thank you for your time on this.
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