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In the sub-section of the site, something about the formatting is off.
While I may not be able to pinpoint exactly what it is
but it surely was more eye friendly when it was still a separate section (Art of Shopping).
(Separate, so to speak, than the forums section).

Also, (and I speak from the perspective of the m-site) the advertisement banners coming right in the middle of the article is a bit confusing or may result in unintended clicking.
I mean I understand that there is only so much space and the adverts have to go 'somewhere'.
But if that somewhere can be elsewhere.
Just an ancillary thought.

Since these are dedicated authors, writers who are curating these articles, current affairs topics, shopping self-help/ shopping tutorial/ shopping tips blogs..
it feels a bit underwhelming that the trending topics shown within sub-sections 'fail' to show enough of these topics from various authors (say: @Akansha_B, @FighterMan, @Vrushali.S, @Rosh_0007, Sahil Jain, Amit Saha and others).
In comparison, silly topics with not even 100° fire are shown in those recommendations.
Silly as in, maybe the topics are from popular or known people or sometimes the system might be picking up some keywords, if it is not manual but automated.

If there can be curated articles (umm.. i mean dedicated team of authors)
then can there not be even curated deals?
Even if such section (after trial and error) is made premium/ subscription based.

For as such, again maybe it is just me but, there seems to be a lot of clutter and even spam in the deals section.
As also the ones displayed on the homepage too do not seem to be manually curated.
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For terms and conditions (in deals)
for FAQs and other posts (like those by @admin, @trickytimer, @kaleidoscope, others) wouldn't having the expand/collapse option on the sub-points help?

It felt a bit odd to have some of those hyperlinks point to an entirely different post/URL
(as opposed to "in-place" expand).

I am poor in articulating😔 what I want to convey, but I hope someone will pick up on what I mean.

Surely must have seen those innocuous plus and minus ➕ /➖ symbols on Microsoft and other such sites.
[The ones which open up the answer to a main heading question or a sub-point within a bullet point/main point.]
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Hello Medusa, thanks a lot for writing such detailed feedback. As you have tagged me to this post, I just wanted to answer some of your queries. The Art of Shopping section of Desidime has already been set to redirect to if I am not wrong and the Art of Shopping section no longer exists, hence. So, are you referring to the News section when you say the formatting is a bit off? 

About the ad banners in between the articles being too intrusive in the m-site, I will share this with the team.

About the News section not getting as much visibility, it is something the team is working on already and I am confident it would improve in the coming time. Though even now we do try to push the news section articles to other parts of the website to increase their visibility.  Thanks once again=)

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