Win gift vouchers from of the amou...

Win gift vouchers from of the amount of Rs 1000 and Rs 500 respectively & Horsocope contest

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Today we have a surprise for you. Valentines Day is just around the corner and though we believe in each day being a Valentines Day, still we decided to take this opportunity to have some fun and interaction with you all. We in Fried Eye have decided to bring before you a small fun contest where the participants need to write about our chosen topic in not more than 1000 words. (no lower word limit) and submit it on or before 14th of February.…

Eligibility criteria. – Any one from any age group can participate. You don’t need to be a blogger nor a writer, because the contest is about romance and not about literary skill. It is about how much you are in love with the idea of love.Yes! You just have to write- how you would like to make a day special (in your own way) for someone you love. So just let go of your inhibitions, pour out your heart and create a fantasy of imagination and love.

How to submit it – Mail it to us on [email protected]…om.

Entries will be judged on the basis of their creativity,imagination and essence by our in house panel of Judges. The Decision of the judges will be final and no complaints regarding the results will be entertained.

Prizes – Though this is an attempt on our part to have some fun filled interaction with you all, we also have a small token of our appreciation as prizes. The first two winners will receive gift vouchers from of the amount of Rs 1000 and Rs 500 respectively. The two write ups of the winners will be published in our coming issues as a part of promotional campaign and the rest of the entries will be published in our sister concern i.e., Bamboo Lounge. So just close your eyes, let the love inside you flow without any inhibitions and mail your entries to us at the earliest.…
Well , that was all about your predictions for the fortnight. I am sure you have noticed many a movie name in your predictions. How about having some fun while knowing your predictions for the fortnight. See how many you can detect and let me know in the comment box. The one who answers correctly will receive a special FE Bhootnath T-shirt with your sun sign printed on it. Delivery only in India and please give a month time for delivery. There will be only one winner. In case of multiple correct answers, the winner will be decided by lots. The last date to receive entries is 15th Feb, 2011. The Winner will be declared on the 1st of March issue. So get cracking.

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