Gaming Tablet - Suggest

Gaming Tablet - Suggest

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Please suggest tablet device for children gaming.
Budget LT < 20K

3 Dimers
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Y bacha kitna smart h Abhi paida hua h AR ise smart tab chaiye…..

Beta diaper dhundo

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@garv4all Kids these days have tablets in their hands, reminds me of the days when I was small and had a jelly phone pretending I am the Prime Minister ! These are some good picks I have found if you plan to use your tablet for gaming:

1) Samsung Tab A SM-T355YZWA Tablet (with an 8 inch screen, 2GB RAM, 16GB internal storage, Wi-Fi, 3G, Voice Calling, Galaxy Tab A’s Kids Mode, this would be a good pick for a gaming tablet to gift to a kid) for Rs. 16500:

2) Apple iPad Mini 2 (Definitely a good pick when it comes to premium quality, with the same features as Samsung except its down by 1GB RAM, however its up by 290mAh more on battery life) for Rs. 18099:

3) Lenovo Yoga Tab 3-10 Tablet (with a 10 inch and massive 8400mAH battery, 16GB internal storage and Wi-Fi, Lenovo would be another good choice to opt for) for Rs. 18999:

Here is a brand I found which seems to have all the desired specs you would want within a lower price bracket, however the brand and its products do not run as well as the above mentioned products, however if you plan to opt for it, here’s the details:
4) iBall WQ149R (2GB RAM, 10.1 inch screen, 2-in1, battery capacity of 7800 mAh, seems to have the features which a good gaming tablet should have, though in terms of product quality, Samsung/ Apple/ Lenovo may be a better pick):

Deal Baba ka Ashirvad is with you. Do Tell us which product you select and your review about it.