LED around 30k

LED around 30k

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I want to buy a full hd LED TV. Size 32 or 40 inches. Preferably Smart and are brands like Micromax, VU good? or should i buy from sony, lg etc.

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@singh.arshdeep1999620 Keeping Full HD Smart LED TVs within 30k in mind I have sourced for the best 40 inch screens since bigger is better when it comes to viewing entertainment! Vu infact seems to be a very well running brand within television space, seen many of them opted by hotel lines as well. I would say Micromax would be the next in line in terms of popularity within the fairly new brands in the television space. Another brand which is doing well apart from VU and Micromax is Sansui. Besides those 3: Sony, LG and Panasonic are well known within this space, however their prices range is a little on the higher side.

So here is what seems to be the best options for you to opt for:

1) Vu 102cm (40) Full HD Smart LED TV (H40K311, 2 x HDMI, 2 x USB) for Rs. 25,990 : https://www.flipkart.com/vu-102cm-40-full-hd-sm...

2) Micromax 102cm (40) Full HD Smart LED TV (40 CANVAS-S, 3 x HDMI, 2 x USB) for Rs. 29,989: https://www.flipkart.com/micromax-102cm-40-full...

3) Sansui SKW40FH18X 102 cm (40 inches) Full HD LED Smart TV (Black) for Rs. 29,999 : http://www.amazon.in/Sansui-SKW40FH18X-inches-S...

The links I have given are from Flipkart and Amazon will have the details of the products and offers.

Our Dimers are also here to help discuss about these brands and offers.

Do let us know which product you finalize on and your review about that product too if possible https://cdn2.desidime.com/assets/textile-editor/icon_smile.gif !