Advice and tips on buying chimney for my home. ...

Advice and tips on buying chimney for my home. Guide me if you use it.

Deal Cadet

hey guys, i have to buy a chimney for the kitchen. What are he things and factors to consider before deciding on a chimney model? What are the costs of installation? What sort maintenance is necessary? And at last which brand is satisfactory in terms of customer service?

Sorry for so many questions, I live in Ghaziabad and have moderate budget. Thanks in advance.

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Deal Subedar

Few inputs from my side
1. Buy ones with suction of 700m3/s or more. Higher the better
2. Make sure that u can clean the baffles (filters) yourself without having to depend on service.
3. They fleece you for that silver foiled flexible pipe used to connect the exhaust. Beware. Check prices before hand..
4. Personal opinion – it has two sides.. cleans air.. looks cool.. on the other hand, it kind of feels as an obstruction above the stove. People suggest you to position it btwn the cupboards but it messes up everything (oil stains). An airy kitchen with exhaust fan is better than one with chimney.

All the best.

Make sure your wife / mom has a say and agrees to the model whole heartedly..