Amazon Flex - Earn 140 per hour by Delivering P...

Amazon Flex - Earn 140 per hour by Delivering Packages

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Deal Cadet

The launch of Amazon Flex has been announced by Amazon India, which allows people to sign up to deliver Amazon packages part-time and earn some cash.

Amazon says it will offer those who sign up for Flex they can deliver packages on their own schedule and can earn up to Rs. 140 per hour.

To start delivering packages and to sign up for Amazon Flex, first one need to download an app. You will also need a two-wheeler to get started with delivering packages, though while signing up the Amazon Flex website also allows you to specify if you own a three- or four-wheeler. An Android phone also is a must to get started, as of now the Android Flex app is only available on Android.

Amazon hopes the program “will create tens of thousands of part-time opportunities for individuals to further their earning potential by delivering Amazon packages during their spare time.”

Amazon Flex has been launched in Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Delhi, and this year it will expand to additional cities. Those who are interested and want to sign up can visit the Amazon Flex website and know more details about the programme.

In 2015 the Amazon Flex programme was originally launched in the US.

The company said Amazon Flex participants in India will be covered under a Group Accident policy while making deliveries for Amazon. Amazon further added Flex partners will need to “go through a comprehensive background verification process and hands-on training before they begin delivering packages.”

“We are proud to create opportunities for tens of thousands of individuals to further their earning potential with a flexible work option to be their own boss, create their own schedule and take advantage of Amazon technology to deliver packages,” explained Akhil Saxena Vice President – Asia Customer Fulfilment, Amazon. “While we continue to scale our existing delivery capabilities across the country, Amazon Flex will enable Amazon to continue growing our capacity to serve more customers and speed up deliveries.”