April Fool Coming! Guys Please Help Adding As M...

April Fool Coming! Guys Please Help Adding As Much As Prank For April Fool Day

Deal Subedar

- Remove water from watter bottole of colleague
- Add inactive sim card in your friends/colleague mobile
- Send a message to whats app group, communicating about a mobile deal with huge discount. Something like Amazon deal yesterday..
- Move food to other lunch box, and keep empty box for your colleague
- Reptile toy in refrigerator basket
- Mess with the bathroom signs.
- Attach Air Horn @ seat or doors..
- Tea/Coffee in ice cream box (with spoon)
- Just send a message at 0;00 hours, @ your whatsApp group — ’Whish You A Very Happy Happy Day. May God Bless You…. ’
- Fill some magic in tooth paste
- Fill oil (instead of soap) in hand wash bottle, @ wash room
- Stick a paper below mouse (computer mouse), mouse will stop working
- Use wine bottle to drink water.
- Keep too much of wine bottles at some place and see reaction
- Melt a cadbury, & try to create soap out of it.
- Something can be done with condoms too https://cdn2.desidime.com/assets/textile-editor/icon_smile.gif
- Order a gift and wish congratulations to your friend.
- Students can apply for a leave, and should reach school/tution class on 1st

Guys please add more ideas…