are you interested in cryptocurrency? it is wor...

are you interested in cryptocurrency? it is worth to try

Deal Subedar

hi guys, in this post I introduce “nimiq” cryptocurrency. the interesting thing about nimiq is… we can mine nimiq in an internet browser like google chrome, firefox, etc. downloading and installing any mining software is not mandatory!

nimiq is offering 1 nimiq as signup bonus. currently, 1 nimiq is equal to 4 paisa.

i want to remind you of a thing in history. in 2010, the price of bitcoin was only 10 rupees (approx). but now, the price of bitcoin is around 5 lakh !!! so why not try the less popular and cheaper cryptocurrencies? just give a try on nimiq… get 1 nimiq as signup bonus. store that for future. in the future, It may reach the great value that we did not expect!

how to get 1 free nimiq as signup bonus? just follow simple steps mentioned below.

1) go to nimiq dot com and click on register.
2) select avatar
3) type your password and repeat the same password.
4) VERY VERY IMPORTANT download the login file of your account. also complete the backup process. don’t neglect these login file and backup things.
6) complete human verification capcha.
7) wait few minutes. your wallet will be credited with 1 nimiq as signup bonus.

after successful signup, you can mine nimiq in any internet browser by just visiting nimiq official mining web page (miner dot nimiq dot com)

can i buy nimiq with money?
yes. using trading platforms, we can buy nimiq. but trading platforms usually ask users to upload personal documents such as aadhaar, PAN, etc for KYC. we cannot buy nimiq without submitting personal documents. to receive free 1 nimiq as a signup bonus, no documents are required.

that’s all guys. i’m not saying that this will definately makes you rich. i am saying it is worth trying. in the future, it may be priced in the millions, just like bitcoin! who knows!