Atiya Herbs Store - Spam Calls , Suggestions ...

Atiya Herbs Store - Spam Calls , Suggestions Needed !

Coupon Baba

I have ordere an item for one of my relatives  from this Company 3 months ago amounting Rs. 5600 /- , after using it they told not effective , so they discontinued that medicine !
I am concerned with Spam Calls from " Atiya Herbs Store " every day 2-3 calls with new series of numbers getting , when I lift and talk to them receive answer as “Sorry” but another day another person call with different numbers !

I had already blocked more than 60 numbers of this Company still getting calls with different numbers from this Company !
One number of this company : +911138004912 & many are there like this series !

Any Suggestions & Experience ?

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Deal Cadet

When They Call You Then Say Them To Remove Your From Marketing List.

Also Reach Out To Your Operator Stating That You Get Marketing Calls From Such Numbers. (Dont Say You Order Once And All That) Try Twitting.

Recently, I Used To Get Daily 8-9 SMS With Different Number (Ofcourse Promotional SMS) On My Airtel Number. Then I Twitted The Same To Airtel With All Details About The Msg,Time Of Sms,Sender Number Etc. And Now Seriously They Blocked It In Just 4 Days. No More Those SMS Various Numbers. And Yes I Am Still Able To Get My Regular Sms And Other Necessary Bank Alerts.
So Something Good Done By Airtel. laughing Atleast To Me.

You Can Also Give A Try. Hope It Should Work.