Business Idea or App idea after lifting up of l...

Business Idea or App idea after lifting up of lockdown

Deal Cadet

Due to COVID 19 issue many of workers has migrated to their own villages so even after 3rd may 2020 after openning of economy for many states there will be supply chain issue due to shortage of labour. say company y has 5000 labourer working for them before lockdown and Company planning to lay off 1000 workers after covid 19 but will find it difficult in many cities where workers are migrates and there will be imbalance in economy

If at this time some app is ready with data of labourers who are present in that city or nearby they will be ready to pay that app for per worker data and lets say they are ready to pay Rs. 1000 per data derails it can be used for data sharing and get paid

If this app is prepared in next 5 days it will help even this idea can be sponsered by some company in food industry which is seeing demand for their product. This idea can be further extended with more features.

Department of Labour has many data of workers including esic and pf data so same can be used to generate database in case of unregistered workers data can be gathered by calling structured labourers even state government will be ready to advertise this on various media as it will reduce imbalance and they will add this details in their app and encourage unemployed workers to enroll. We can have gets it associated with health department and provide covid 19 history of present employee and future employee so that it can show the truth even if employee lies (only with permission of health department if it provides, only intension is even he/she negative there are chances that it may come back so work with him with certain caution) and even this services can be paid or sponsered by state government, we can also add further features to it.