cautious while buying unbranded(NOBLE) led that...

cautious while buying unbranded(NOBLE) led that were promoted by FlIPKART with WSRETAIL

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I had very worse experience with flip-kart and noble customer care.

its thread to aware people ,when they buying unbranded TV…how the customer care sucks

I purchase this TV because it’s sold by WSRETAIL; I purchased the product on 16 December 2015,
Works well till Jan 10,2016, after that the WI-FI stopped working, Wi-Fi component failed inside TV. Logged a call with CC of noble led, The cc person visited to check the TV, As he mentioned part has to be replaced, given one week time for the part availability.
Waited one week, in the mean time I contacted Flipkart CC because they have 30 days return policy for replacement or refund, however at that time product is not available for my pin code (122001).
Flipkart mentioned they are going to send the senior technician to check the TV, whether it can be a software problem or any hardware internal mother board problem.
In the mean time (till 21Jan2016) I updated Flipkart and noble customer care about the Technician visit, but nobody was visited. The Flipkart keep on saying wait for 24-48 hours, but nobody was till date.
Again on 21Jan2016, I called noble CC they said they need 25 days for the part arrival.
So I give up…by gods craze the problem is identified before 30 days, so at least I can go for replacement/refund….if this issue occurred after 30 days, Only god can save you (you have to ready for mental torture and frustration), Flipkart is not going to help you, because it’s there terms and conditions after 30days they never care for customer, whatever happen you have to check with noble brand customer care. and the Noble CC they never care for you when any problem occurs.
So if everything works nobody bother ,reality (the customer support & care)comes when any issue occurs,
At that time Flipkart/noble CC nobody is going to solve your issue.
So be preparing, your buying product that has actually no warranty… (When any problem occurs)
If there is no problem occurred, you’re so lucky and your product is under one year warranty
I’m completely unhappy with both Flipkart and Noble CC, Lost faith on WSRETAIL with this experience.

I send mails to flipkart but no use…..

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oh, thanks for suggestion buddy, better we have to avoid noble and unbranded tv.

why you not choosed Vu TV, its price is low and quality is par with top brands, even samsung 43j5100 (available in ebay/snapdeal) costs very less and branded too.

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Mention brand name

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thanks,updated the brand name..