Hotness ccavenue site did not return back, money deducted

Hot Deal ccavenue site did not return back, money deducted

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Friends do you have any prior experience with CC AVENUE I tried to order shoes and after Net banking payment at CCAVENUE the CCavenue site did not return back after i completed payment from my BAnk website.

I have not received any mail from either the merchant or CC avenue although the money has already been debited. can you suggest what does CCavenue does in these circumstances??

shall i place the prder again or wait for them to refiund or complete the order.

P.S I felt that this is a common problem in online shopping so i am posting this here to know what to do next. ]

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@ danofindia157

dont worry bro!! ur money will be credited back to ur bank account in around 10 days if the problem was with the payment gateway

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Hi danofindia,

It is a quite common issue. I have faced this more than 12-14 times and I have real good faith in ccavenue. Earlier such incomplete transactions (failure to return to merchant) used to be only reversed back. But now you have one more option as well. Since it is the product that you wanted and the payment has been debited, the banks authorizes such transactions to merchants within 24 hours. You can drop a mail to the merchant informing about your transaction and wait for 24 hours to see if they are able to get authorisation from bank (90% times they do).
In case they are unable to receive your payment (confirm with merchant after 24 hrs) you just need to sit back and relax, ccavenue will refund the entire amount back to your account automatically (within 3-4 days).

If you are still in doubt, inform ccavenue about the transaction by mailing them at [email protected], they are very co-operative.
Also view: Official support page of ccavenue

Be assured your money is safe!

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this is very common problem that everyone faces at one or other time in their online shopping experience.Even i have faced it many times and CCavenue is the best of can directly contact them by phone/email and know the status of your funds/order…When you place an order and money being deducted from ur account..either the money is blocked or succesfully transferred to the merchant.If the money is blocked and if the merchant claims the money…u will get ur order confirmed later(usually happens within 24-48 hours or less than 24 hours)..if the merchant don’t claim the amount…ur money will be back to ur account(time depends on ur bank and ccavenue and u can always contact ccavenue regarding this.Merchant has no role in this)

Also remember,generally for online shopping(except tickets) if ur money is dedcuted..most of the times,ur order will be successful after one day..always check with customer care regarding this.

For bus tickets or any other kind of tickets booked for the same day or the very next day..even if ur money is blocked…order will not be successful as these are time bound.So,you have to place another order.It happened to me several times while booking bus tickets.

Hope this helps

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thank you neo DM, and cool boy for your details suggestions and support.

the link is good, it even has a ONLINE CHAT option .
i just had a chat session with them. and they cleared the error and completed the transaction and mailed me as well. hope the merchant too completes my order soon.

edit – : the merchant has also accepted the order. and the order is mentioned as PAYMENT COMPLETE . hope they deliver it soon.

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experienced same
bank sbi
through cc avenue

amount debited but transaction failure
blood pressure high for 2 days
called up everyone sbi yebhi and cc avenue
after 36 hrs transaction successfull will ship in 48 hrs