cheated by shopclues their 10 days return polic...

cheated by shopclues their 10 days return policy is just bullshit.

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i purchased a htc explorer from shopclues on 7 nov and from the first day the phone starts creating problem the problem with my phone is that applications and others functions of my phone get opens automatically without touching the screen, i received my phone on 7 nov after using it for one day i.e on 8 nov i noticed this problem and i thought there is some virus in the phone and i tried setting reset but after few hours i again noticed the same problem then i thought some app could be causing this so on 9 nov i tried hard rest and start observing my phone without installing any 3rd party app, the phone works fine on that day but on 10 nov the problem again rises, i thought its a firmware issue and an firmware update will resolve this so on 11th i visited the service center but due to diwali the service center was closed for 3 days, and then on 15 nov i mailed them for replacement but they said please check the manual and other troubleshooting tips etc, but the problem didn’t resolved even after the firmware update by the service center then on 20th they asked me to get a DOA certificate from the service center but service center denied to issue this because as per their policy the DOA can on be issued within 14 days of purchase and when i told this to shopclues they denied to replace the product by saying that without DOA certificate they will not replace the product and also said that why you informed us on 15 nov not on 8 nov this means the product was in working condition i don’t what kind of customer care executives they have who don’t understand the main problem after reading several mails, i was surprised and thought who the hell told the the phone is not working, i think they do not understand the difference between working and working properly.service center told me that it will take upto 30 days to repair the phone, now the all i can do is just to move to the consumer from and aware others to no to purchase from shopclues. so i want all of you to teach them a lesson by not buying from them.

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use the word CONSUMER COURT they will do it..

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better shoot a email to [email protected]…om with strong words you may see good results


its your mistake…dont blame merchant…now what you are suppised to do is ,go to the service centre and pressurize them to replace…they will deny for sure…just take in writing on photocopy of bill that buyer wants replacement as product failed to perform satisfactory since first week itself and service centre is not entertaining this request..
take this in writing with stamp of service centre on the bill..mention the imei also in that content…if they say why are doing this..then just say i’ll take care if it…and ask for fax n address details of their head office in india and concerned person…
just say you need to send legal notice if they ask you why…
be polite…most probably your matter will end with this..

i got my full amount back from LG after using phone for 8-9 ,mnths by just threatning them of consumer forum…

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just restore factory settings and try every thing would be alright! i faced same problem and HTC CC told that due to sensitive touch sometimes in transit shocks it may create unwanted problems try it dude it wud be alright;-}