Check points to purchase used iPhones (mostly a...

Check points to purchase used iPhones (mostly applies to other Apple devices as well)

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I keep getting queries about how to verify if a used iPhone is genuine or not. It’s quite obvious that a buyer is skeptical about investing a huge sum of money on a used device, especially from a completely unknown source.

So I am compiling a list of check points to reduce the risk of purchase as much as possible.

1. A valid serial number. Head over to and key in the device serial number. This will give you the date up to which the telephone support is valid for and date up to which the warranty is valid for. If a device does not show a valid serial number then it’s mostly a replica and not original iPhone. If a device shows no activation details then it is an unactivated and unused iPhone. This applies for any Apple product and should be your first point of verification.

2. iCloud activation. On a very basic level, just open settings and on the top ensure that no iCloud account is logged in, if there is some iCloud account already logged in just ask the seller to logout of it. Or go to this link and key in the device IMEI number to verify iCloud lock status. This applies for iPhones, iPads and iPods only I guess.

3. Physical damages – observe hairline cracks on screen, dents, dings, cracks or whatever physical damage on the device. The resale value depends on how good the device has been maintained.

4. Water damage – each iPhone model has different indicators that turn to orange colour in case there is a water damage so ensure the device you are purchasing has no water damage. More details here

5. Face ID, Home button, 3D Touch and Finger print scanner. Depending on which iPhone you are purchasing check if these features are working or not.

6. Screen test. Check for dead pixels and touch sensitivity of screen, there is a possibility that a few areas of the screen do not display content and few areas don’t respond to touch. Open this link on the iPhone to test the screen

7. Battery test. Go to settings → batrery → battery health. Ensure the battery health is at least above 85% in general. From my experience I have observed that battery health degrades lot faster once it falls below 80% somehow and you will start noting performance issues once it falls below 70%. You can any day get an original battery replaced from Apple and your device will be as good as new though.

Also, in case you opt for aftermarket battery replacements do ensure you take back the original battery and store it. In case you want to get an original battery replacement done from Apple in the future they will ask you to surrender the original battery that came along with the phone and without which they shall not provide a battery replacement even if you are willing to pay for it.

8. Network interfaces. Check WiFi, Bluetooth, cellular connectivity, GPS, compass and ensure all work.

9. Ports. Check the headphones jack and the charging port to ensure they work.

10. Cameras. Check both, front and rear, cameras to ensure they work. Click pictures and video samples and view them to verify.

11. Call clarity and speakers. Make sample calls and ensure that first of all the phone is accepting your sim card, which means it is unlocked, then the call clarity and speaker clarity is good. Often find used phones with crackling sounds coming out from speakers so ensure you check it well.

12. Accessories and box. Make sure you have all the accessories provided along with original box having matching IMEI, Serial number and other details as in the iPhone itself. Remember that original Apple Accessorise are expensive and ensure you are being provided original accessories.

Feel free to add any points below.

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