download a new app oh no wait read my thread

download a new app oh no wait read my thread


hi this is a deal based platform and as you all know that lot of frauds and also happening and if you are downloading a new AP the chances are that that app is actually not to be looted but it is to Loot u.
just for the small Prophet which you will not be even getting it you will be giving them access to your mobile device out of which they will be able to read your messages and see all the bank details which are present in your mobile phone and they know that you may not be having the bank account but there might be many who may be having and they will keep doing the frauds always remember one thing even if they get one Trap in this 1000 downloads the work done
apps which are having no credentials you should avoid them names which you have never heard or are not tag with a brand you should avoid downloading search apps if you want to play safe then you should have two mobiles one for all this Masti Maza deals And One For your banking accounts with two Internet connections which are different

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