Is this even legal? - Why is Narendra Modi in a...

Is this even legal? - Why is Narendra Modi in a Reliance Jio ad, ask Twitter users

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If Reliance Jio fails, will Modi be liable: Ad ripped apart on Twitter
Twittern Hasttag JIO Link:

Arvind Babu on Twitter: मोदी जी। आप रिलायंस के ऐड में मॉडलिंग करते रहना। देश की सारी लेबर मिलके आपको 2019 में सबक़ सिखाएगी

On Friday, readers of the national dailies The Times of India and the Hindustan Times woke up to a full-page jacket advertisement with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, dressed in a blue jacket, staring at them from under the words “Jio: Digital Life”.

The advertisement for Reliance Jio, the second coming of Reliance Industries in telecom, carried the words “Dedicated to India and 1.2 billion Indians” in bold type, followed by a short message:

“In the journey of time, there come a few life changing moments. Our honourable Prime Minister’s inspiring vision of a Digital India is one such movement. Jio is dedicated to realising our Prime Minister’s Digital India vision for 1.2 billion Indians. Jio Digital Life will give the power of data to each Indian, to fulfill every dream and collectively take India to the global digital leadership…”

The tribute-in-an-ad came a day after Mukesh Ambani, chairperson of Reliance Industries, launched Reliance Jio in Mumbai with Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan by his side. There too Ambani, the richest man in India, had voiced a short dedication to Modi.

“Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision for Digital India is a life changing moment,” he said. “Jio is a dedication to that Digital India dream of the Prime Minister, his vision for the 1.2 billion people of India.”

Headed by Ambani’s daughter Isha and son Akash, both 24 years old, Reliance Jio’s 4G services are touted to disrupt the telecom industry. It is offering data services at as low as Rs 50 per GB, reportedly the lowest data charge anywhere in the world, free voice calls along with free roaming in India. According to Ambani, customers can show up with the unique biometric-based Aadhaar card at a Jio store and get a SIM card within 15 minutes.

A long time coming, Jio was expected to launch a media blitzkrieg. But an ad with the prime minister’s image? Social media was not amused. In fact, it wondered if the usage of the image was even legal.


Infact i seen a TV ad on CNBC today with Modi and JIO

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Community Angel

Would like to check CSR of Mr. Mukesh Ambani’s companies.
He is not a philanthropist like many others & earns for self & employees only.
So there is nothing patriotic about Jio or any Reliance company.
He is usurping country resources, misusing laws & doing all what many of his other peers like Mittals Birlas Tatas have done.

Prime Minister should not be dragged into this.
Tomorrow Freedom 251 will post ad featuring him to sell their phones.

Deal Subedar

askmebazaar failed – is Ranbeer Kapoor is liable???

Shopping Friend

I m none to really comment on Modi’s stand to promote Jio by appearing in ad or Mukesh Ambani’s real motives on this Jio launching…but as a consumer and citizen definitely I feel it is the start of new revolution of data services…At least this will lower the exorbitant data expenses.
History repeating itself but with a twist. Earlier Reliance was the first to bring mobile revolution n now this. Kudos to their real out of box vision…

X men gambit background by kalel7 d5hgokr
Deal Subedar

Naukar apne Malik ka prachaar karne nikla hai…

Really, lost all respect for MODI after this paid stunt by JIO.

“Thing” that was a doubt, MODI just confirmed it. I mean directly MODI, Manoj Sinha was Ok. But the PM of India.