Is this free time a Lottery or curse?

Is this free time a Lottery or curse?

Deal Cadet

I think this free time is like lottery for us. Anyway, best we can help in this pandemic is by staying at home.

Do we want to change our remaining life utilizing this moment or just want to enjoy the moment and repent later, how we wasted this opportunity.

Most of the time we are praying for some free time and now that we have it, Let’s not waste this precious time.

I think we should utilize this time just like before. Entertainment time should not be reduced as it is required to re-energize your body but we should utilize this time in such a way that our productive time is increased after this lockdown.

If we are not able to do day to day activities due to lockdown then work on things in which we were lagging in life.

For a student it could be improvement in academics/ household help or hobby development and for working professional it could also include skill development/expansion plan/personal life balancing etc.

Please share your precious ideas in order to better invest this Lottery amount for bright future.