jindalbullion.com is fraud or real ?

jindalbullion.com is fraud or real ?

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Deal Cadet

Dimers , i received my text as well whatapp update in many groups from morning but during end of the days , i had notice caution messages are spread out with frauding , untraceable location , poor reply by cs etc by jindalbullions.com .

like to share some alert message with you all .

message was :

1. Precautions : we came across Jindal Bullion , according to us , company is full fraud or miscellaneous so we had taken out post until we verify personal. Please don’t trade with website or provide atm detail . Once we verify it we will confirm it .

One user provide feedback , he came to know office address and pick up address didn’t seen reality and seem fraudulent. So take note of it.

Thank you.

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2. Fraud it is . Beware of jindal bullion ,customer care is only one single girl . physical address is not traceable . don’t deal with jindal bullion .

etc etc many more .

ques : What is your opinions ? fraud or realistic ? People lost there hard earn money ?