JIO now HAS 50%+ MARKET SHARE in WIRELESS BROADBAND says India Ratings & Research, So is it the START OF INCREASING TARIFF???

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Deal Subedar

Jio now has 52% of all 46.3 CRORE wireless broadband users(Read 4G)

which is far far…… More than Airtel’s 21%
So VODAFONE & Idea are now where near

While on ARPU Jio is ahead of Airtel by atleast 30 odd Rs

While on DATA consumption its MUCH MUCH ahead

In Case of Active user base is also high than Airtel

But in POSTPAID its not same, it is below Airtel

So to increase the Attraction to POSTPAID from an near POSTPAID bucket recharges of PREPAID, JIO may start to Increase TARIFF although not in near term but may be in couple of months & in the way may also start charging for content like JIO MUSIC /JIO SAAVAN

It may be the end of LOW tariffs in atleast by the end of 2019????
What’s your thoughts

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Dont waste my time
Deal Subedar

Nobody gives a F about wireless broadband.

Screenshot 2015 08 04 16 52 41
Deal Subedar
ithehappy wrote:

Nobody gives a F about wireless broadband.

True to some extent but the market by revenue, VOLUME reach & Glamour is WIRELESS
While the hardcore profit & work is in FTTH broadband

Deal Subedar

Well that was indeed the game plan. First enter and disrupt the industry, penetrate aggressively into competitors territory and then RULE. IT’S like the ECOM Industry wherein the VCs and PEs are STILL pumping money just to grab customers.

MA is a class businessman plus a Motta bhai. He is accountable to its shareholders as well. Sooner or later it has to happen. But I guess it won’t be LOOT as was being done by the cartel AVOID earlier.

Tech Guru

I think JIO is smarter than the others. The others had a decade to monitise it and all they did was fleece the customers any which way. As US and UK EU carriers found out, they can easily monitise services. Since people stop being afraid of huge hidden bills they will buy stuff like streaming movies or music or shopping etc..The trick is not to alienate users and drive them away but keep them using your system. Sooner or later they will start using other options. It is the only way to make money by locking people into your own eco system.

But airtel, idea or bsnl all never even tried. They never expected people to spend rs500 a month watching movies or shopping etc.. It is true that a lot of people do not have 500 to spend like that but slowly many others would. How else did other companies do it? How did apple end up selling double digit billions worth of content?

I see this same thing as the paytm craze of cash backs and scratch and itch gimmicks.. Those never bring in money or customers. It only brings in the horde who leave just as fast. They are looking for plunder, not shopping or spending money and buying stuff. Obviously JIO cash backs or scratching and itching is not the reason they got 50% of the markets.. Others should take note.. This is where the Japanese excel in very long term strategy like how they took over the auto industry. Now they find that people are willing pay ever more money for luxury to quality and reliability. How many people turned down the initiative to build cars in india? And you had to get a company that never built cars to come in and take over the market.