Jio Platforms to soon launch video conferencing...

Jio Platforms to soon launch video conferencing service JioMeet

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Jio Platforms on April 30 announced the launch of its nationwide video conferencing service JioMeet. The latest offering aims to provide users a reliable video conferencing alternative for personal and professional use.

JioMeet, a network and device agnostic video calling app, is an intuitive and user-friendly interface. The app is available across some of the world’s most used services like Google Play Store, Apple iOS App Store, Mac App Store and Microsoft’s Window Marketplace. It can also be accessed through Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox for users who wish to attend video calls to join meetings.

Based on the frequently asked questions (FAQ) page on the JioMeet website, the app can allow group calling for up to 100 participants. While it’s unclear whether Jio plans to make changes to such features, 100 participants is what viral collaboration platform Zoom allows on its free tier. Like Zoom, it seems that JioMeet is also meant for both consumer and enterprise customers. The app’s user guide shows steps to start “VC Room Meetings", which is a feature only apps that are meant for enterprise use cases would have. Features like this are usually required only for enterprise customers.

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Reliance Jio dropped in a mention of JioMeet in their Q4 2019-2020 results. Now JioMeet is not exactly new, it was launched more than a year ago but it is officially being rolled out by Jio Platforms now.