Mimivirus bombay (MVB) to create a new man the ...

Mimivirus bombay (MVB) to create a new man the Dimer Being..

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Did you know you were in an experiment to develop an entirely new species? As we call em the Lootapee..

The biggest of the ‘Giant Viruses’ unearthed by the researchers is Bandra megavirus (BMV)

Over 20 new giant viruses have been discovered in sewage and pre-filtered water in Mumbai, India. They are able to hoard and pass on new genes when hopping from one host to another, a 5-year study claims. It is believed that when a virus infects a life form, it harvests genes as it develops and then passes them to other life forms that it infects afterwards. Researchers think the process can ultimately pave the way for the creation of a new species.

The other viruses discovered by the scientists are Powai Lake megavirus (PLMV), Mimivirus bombay (MVB), and Kurlavirus (KUV). The find was made by researchers from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (IITB), who used modern identification and isolation techniques as well as Big Data analysis in cooperation with the Technical University of Denmark to ‘catch’ over 20 new viruses in samples from pre-filtered water.