Need Help Regarding Contacts In Android

Need Help Regarding Contacts In Android

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Hi guys, I have a Samsung J5 running Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

All of sudden, my contacts have become very screwed up. Here are the symptoms I’m seeing -

Names of my contacts seem to have been randomly swapped. Person A and Person B swapped names so the contact details don’t matchin addition to swapping names, I have a contact which contains information from 3 persons.

And also the numbers from linked services like Whatsapp and Freecharge are intercharged with one another.

I signed out of my Google account and back in and but it did not help. On, my contacts still look fine.

I’ve deleted all contacts once and saved from scratch but after 1 month they got messed up again.

Anybody else faced this issue and knows way to solve this please help.