Need help regarding security systems.

Need help regarding security systems.

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Guys again need of your precious suggestions.
last day i got huge loss due to theft in my i need some advance security systems for my shop.i have already installed cctv and good locks but i want some alarm system so that if anyone try to touch my shop’s shutter i can get it.
the shop is very near from my house.please suggest if anyone have some information.

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Deal Cadet

hope you will recover it or cover it by insurance

by the way you loss in Night or day ?
cause alarms wont do anything in day when shop is open except CCTV.

for Night, there are many options. you can put PIR / Microwave sensors with sirons. Microwave is better than PIR as per expereince.
One important thing to out power backup so they will work if electicity is cut.

some links to help for cheap solution

but it is for shop so you better buy GSM unit which will cost you 6-10K (using PIR sensors only) but will dial your mobile if there is breach. search for Navkar gsm in ebay or gsm security in amazon .
Note – I not used it.