Need help with cctv buying. What is difference ...

Need help with cctv buying. What is difference between irp and irpf camera. H.265+ encoding?

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Hi I am looking for cctv camera setup of 2mp cameras. The shop guy gave me 2 options for 2mp cameras one is irpf which has some swith that coverts its modes and is costing 1650rs other is irp which does not have switch and is for 1300rs.
What is the use of this switch? Is there any quality difference between irp and irpf camera?

Also the DVR has H.265+ encoding which as I understand saves data, but does it need that camera also need to have H.265+ support in it otherwise the dvr will not use H.265+ encoding. Does compression of footage in H.265+ require diffrent category of cameras?Or is it a feature of DVR which will compress any footage to H.265+?

I plan to buy hikvision as it is officially available in India and has service center.

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if u have a older model Dvr which doesnot supported HD cameras then you nees irpf cameras as it has a option of modes…to cvi tvi and cvbs….but if you a installing new dvr and new cameras of hikvision then you dont need to buy irpf cameras